Nathan Williams

State Secretary (& Japanese Teacher)

About Nathan Williams

As State Secretary of the Modern Language Teachers Association in Queensland, and a Japanese Teacher, I have ultimate responsibility for leading Australia's largest state (QLD) in terms of the number of Japanese language teachers, as well as other languages, and specifically want to deepen my understanding about the key opportunities and threats in the Australia-Japan relationship, key economic, cultural, policy and national security macrotrends, and some of the current issues facing the relationship in order to better respond & create new opportunities for Japanese language education and cultural understanding in Australia, and the Pacific. With a degree in Intelligence & Counter-Terrorism, and a Masters of International Relations, I am intrigued by Australian, Japanese, US relations in an Unstable Indo-Pacific Region, War & National Security Strategy, and the affects of COVID-19 International Border Closures, and emerging Nazi Socialist movements on the national psyche with respect to international engagement and collaboration.

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