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The below slides from speaker presentations are included with speakers' permission

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Kimura Behind the scenes politics The shift from pptx

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Sugita Australias COVID 19 response pptx

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Terasawa pptx

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AJYD Tea brewing tips pptx

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Holloway Japan Australia economic relationship pptx

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202111 AJYD Kanna Mihara

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Pw C Cultural Alignment Presentation AJYD November 2021

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Diversity and Inclusion handbook AJYD 1

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2021 1120 AJYD Space Kazuhiko Yamada

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Smart Sat CRC AJYD 2021

The below are included with the speakers' permission

Session 1 - Governance and Politics

Session 2 - Security and Defence

Session 4 - Gender Equality

Session 5 - Cultural Activity

Session 6 - Business and Trade

Session 7 - Sustainability and ESG

Session 8 - Working Cross-Culturally

Session 9 - Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Session 10 - Space Collaboration

Session 12 - Sports Diplomacy