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AJYD Webinar: The Prospects for Quad 2.0

Claudia Chan on 13 7月 2021

Join the AJYD and panel experts as we discuss the future and prospects of the renewed Quadrilateral Security Dialogue.

AJYD Webinar: The Prospects for Quad 2.0

March 2021 marked the first meeting between leaders of the ‘Quad’ since its formation. It originally emerged as a disaster relief framework back in 2004, and later evolved into a security dialogue, although the framework never formally materialised. Despite the initial failure of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue in 2007, the project is once again being brought to the fore by leaders in Australia, Japan, India and the US. Our expert panel will discuss this evolving situation, with a focus on the new drivers and prospects of cooperation between Quad members as well as the various changes to the regional environment since its inception in 2007.

Join the Australia-Japan Youth Dialogue as we discuss this evolving situation with a panel of experts.

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5 August 2021, 5:30 - 6:30 AEST

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Professor Akira Igata
  • Speakers
Akira IGATA is currently a Visiting Professor at the Center for Rule-making Strategies, Tama University. He is also a lecturer at Aoyama Gakuin University, an Adjunct Fellow at Pacific Forum, and a...
Sonia Arakkal
  • Speakers
Sonia Arakkal is a Policy Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre. In addition to planning and coordinating a range of program and research initiatives, Sonia directs the Centre's India programs and...
Ms Hayley Channer
  • Speakers
Ms Hayley Channer is the Senior Policy Fellow at the Perth USAsia Centre. Based in Canberra, Hayley produces analysis on foreign and defence policy in the Indo-Pacific, engages with key Australian...

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Erin McCullagh
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Erin is a Communications Executive providing support on business proposals, research and analysis engaging a range of government and private sector clients. Before joining Newgate, Erin worked on...