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The Australia–Japan Youth Dialogue is an independent and non-partisan diplomatic initiative. The dialogue brings emerging Australian and Japanese leaders together to learn, share and contribute to the strong relationship that exists between our two countries.


About AJYD

The Australia-Japan Youth Dialogue (AJYD) is an independent and non-partisan diplomatic initiative dedicated to strengthening the bilateral relationship with and through future leaders.

The AJYD seeks to be the premier initiative for the promotion of young leaders and ideas that will strengthen and support the future of the Australia-Japan relationship.

The AJYD aims to be representative by prioritising diversity in all forms: gender, sector, location, and voice. We have an Australian and a Japanese chapter - a balancing of AJYD that promotes visibility and engagement on both sides. We work hard to promote our work and champion the relationship, building the AJYD voice and brand.

The inaugural AJYD dialogue took place in Melbourne in July 2017 and the second dialogue took place in Tokyo in November 2019.

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