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Advance joins as a Supporter of AJYD 2017

Tommy Silver on 07 3月 2017

The AJYD Organising Committee is pleased to announce that Advance has joined as a Supporter of the inaugural Australia–Japan Youth Dialogue.

Advance is a community of global Australians who are able to make a difference for Australians, Australian companies and Australia around the globe.

They are devoted to the exchange of knowledge, connections and ideas to inspire and empower Australians expatriates to succeed; help grow entrepreneurial Australian companies globally; grow global career opportunities for Australians; and create opportunities to be a ‘brain resource’ for Australia.

A virtual meeting place of Australia’s most dynamic dreamers and achievers, Advance turns the collective goodwill and experience of their members into a vibrant resource of ideas, advice, inspiration and opportunities.

Advance aims to create a global community of Australians, alumni of Australian universities and 'friends of Australia' that benefit Australian companies with global growth aspirations; young Australians wanting to make their mark; established leaders who want to give back to the next generation of Australian talent; and global Australians that want to be a ‘brain resource’ to Australia through their knowledge, connections and expertise.

For more information on Advance, please see their website.