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The University of Melbourne joins as a Strategic Partner of AJYD 2017

Tommy Silver on 17 5月 2017

The AJYD Organising Committee is pleased to announce that the University of Melbourne has joined as a Strategic Partner for the inaugural Australia–Japan Youth Dialogue.

Professor Simon Evans, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) at the University of Melbourne, said that “The opportunity to welcome emerging leaders from Japan onto campus to discuss matters of mutual importance with some of Australia’s emerging leaders is something we value highly.

“We anticipate exciting and thought-provoking outcomes that can be used to deepen the already strong relationship between Australia and Japan and contribute to solving shared challenges.”

The University of Melbourne was founded by Act of the Victorian Parliament in 1853, making it the second oldest university in Australia.

The University has an outstanding reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Independently-published world rankings consistently place the University as a leader in higher education in Australia, the Asia Pacific and around the globe. Indeed, the University is the leading research university in Australia, topping the key indicators in the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) 2010 National Report.

The University of Melbourne has 22 discipline-specific faculties and graduate schools, over 47,000 students and 6,500 staff members. It has 12,000 international students enrolled wgo from 130 countries. The has over 360,000 graduates within its global alumni network. 12% of them (43,000) live and work outside Australia across 160 countries.

For more information on the University of Melbourne, please see their website.