Aoi Fujita

About Aoi Fujita

Aoi started her career as a business consultant at Nomura Research Institute, after finishing an MA in International Relations (2007) and a BA in History (2005) both at the University of Tokyo.

Having been engaged in a variety of fields of Japanese industry and done many kinds of research and advisory services, what Aoi noticed was that although Japanese industries are overall sophisticated and looking for internationalization, there is one exception; agriculture. At the same time, however, Aoi recognised the potential of Japanese agriculture; high productivity, latest technology, highly-qualified seeds and nursery. In order to empower Japanese agriculture and to be an active member of a stronger agriculture sector, Aoi changed her career and since June 2016 she has been working for Farmship Inc., which develops and runs more than five indoor-farming hydroponic plants located all over Japan. In order to expand her interest and share it with the next generation, she joined Nuffield International Farming Scholarship conference in 2019, established Nuffield Japan Associate with three other fabulous Japanese farmers and took a seat as a board member. Nuffield International is headquartered in Australia, where Aoi hopes there is more potential for joint Japan-Australia projects in agriculture.

Aoi is also a technical reservist at Japan Ground Self Defense Force, freelance interpreter (Japanese-English-Russian).