Bethany Schoer

About Bethany Schoer

Bethany is a specialist in Asian political and economic affairs and risk assessment from Melbourne, Australia. She is interested in the on-the-ground impacts of foreign direct investment and security-related issues throughout the Asia-Pacific, particularly in Northeast Asia.

At 27, Bethany is employed as Amazon’s first Asia-Pacific Intelligence Analyst for its corporate security arm, where she coordinates the delivery of assessments on how regional crime, terrorism, civil unrest and natural disasters impact physical security and employee safety. She has also provided strategic advice to Amazon’s senior management on various high-level geopolitical issues within the region. In addition, Bethany has contributed analysis on foreign direct investment and geopolitical risks in Japan, China and Southeast Asia to the Crawford School of Public Policy, Strategic and Geopolitical Estimates (SAGE) International and Japan Today.

Bethany graduated in 2017 with a Master of International Business specializing in Asia-Pacific economic issues and corporate strategy, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a Diploma of Languages in Japanese.