Dr Nobuko Nagase

About Dr Nobuko Nagase

Nobuko is a Labor Economist who graduated with a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Tokyo in 1995. She has written about work, family and social policy from an Asian perspective, comparing Japan with other East Asian and Western economies. She serves as a member of the Science Council of Japan. She is Committee Chair for Promoting Gender Equality in Humanities and Social Sciences Research at SCJ. She has also served at various governmental committees, such as the Statistics Committee of the Government, the Tax Commission of the Government, and Women and Pension Committee of the Government. Results of her research have been published in various scholarly journals, including the Japanese Economic Review, Journal of Population Problem, Econometric Review, Demographic Research and Quarterly Journal of Social Policy. From 2013-2015, she was Abe Fellow, and visiting scholar at Harvard University and Cornell University. She was also a visiting scholar at Australian National University during 2018 and 2019. Her recent paper on Asian Policy Economic Review is “Has Abe’s WOMANOMICS worked?”