Kanako Murase

AJYD Alumni Officer

About Kanako Murase

Kana is a specialist in developing successful international collaboration in the higher education sector. She has extensive experience in facilitating high-level international engagement at Monash University with recent delegations including the Education Minister from India, the Health Minister of Hong Kong and the President of the C9 universities and many senior figures from high ranking universities across the globe. This work enables Monash to build mutually beneficial agreements through joint Bachelor/Masters/PhD programs, research collaboration, and student and researcher exchanges. By providing strategic advice to senior staff across faculties on potential opportunities and risks, Kana enables the best possible outcomes for engagement. This advice enhances the value of existing and emerging connections by recommending other Monash faculties and projects that may be relevant for global partners.

Prior to joining Monash, Kana worked for three years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan where she was involved in a number of significant diplomatic events including the planning and delivery of Prime Minister Abe's visit to Sydney, APEC in Philippines and ASEM in Mongolia.