Kate Stevenson

About Kate Stevenson

Kate Stevenson has extensive experience as a policy researcher, including in the areas of Japanese diplomacy, domestic and international disaster relief and civil-military coordination. She worked for a year in business consulting in Tokyo before continuing her research with the AJRC Research Fellowship. She started work in policy consulting at GR Japan in mid-2018. Since joining GR Japan, she has supported accounts in health, renewable energy and AI-based disaster prevention. In March 2019, she was one of four young researchers invited to present at the Stimson Center (Washington D.C.) on international engagement in disaster response.

Kate has a B.A. in Asian and International Studies from Griffith University, an honours degree in Asia Pacific Studies from The Australian National University, and an M.A. in International Cooperation from The University of Tokyo.

She is a citizen of Australia and Great Britain and has lived in Japan for over nine years. Kate enjoys cycling and onsens and is looking forward to when she can go back to combining the two on trips to different parts of Japan.