Dr Marie Kitano

Medical Doctor

About Dr Marie Kitano

Marie is a medical doctor practising in Tokyo with a keen interest in refugee and migrant mental health. After acquiring her medical degree from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, she undertook her internship at The University of Tokyo Hospital, engaging in extensive training in psychiatry and psychosomatic medicine.

During her studies, she spent five months at the Australian National University, where she became aware of the global misallocation of healthcare resources and the contributing cultural, economic and social factors. Since then, she has continued to address the disparities between populations of different socio-economic statuses through her participation in international summits and symposia. Notably, she served as the Head Japanese delegate at the G20 Youth Summit in 2018, bringing the voices of younger generations directly to the leaders of G20 countries.

Besides her practice, Marie advocates mental wellness in the non-Japanese population by giving talks on dealing with mental issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. She is to further advance her career in Australia, with the passion of bridging Australia and Japan in the field of mental health.

Outside of work, she enjoys the beach, working out and getting together with friends.