Professor Akiko Fukushima

About Professor Akiko Fukushima

Dr. Akiko Fukushima is a Professor, School of Global Studies and Collaboration, Aoyama Gakuin University with a PhD from Osaka University and M.A. from the Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), Johns Hopkins University. Her career achievements include appointments as an Adjunct Professor of the Law School at Keio University, Director of Policy Studies at the National Institute for Research Advancement, Senior Fellow at the Japan Foundation and a visiting scholar of CSIS, US. She serves on Japanese Government committees including the Advisory Council on National Security and Defense Capabilities and the Advisory Council of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Dr Fukushima is also a Non-resident Fellow of the Lowy Institute, Australia. Her publications include: Japanese Foreign Policy: The Emerging Logic of Multilateralism (1999) by MacMillan, A Lexicon of Asia Pacific Security Dialogue (2003) by Keizai, Hyoronsha Conflict and Cultural Diplomacy (2012) by Keio University Press. “Japan’s Perspective on Asian Regionalism,” Asia’s New Multilateralism, Columbia University Press (2009) “Global Merits of Alliance: A Japanese Perspective,” The US- Japan Security Alliance, Palgrave (2011), and “Multilateralism Recalibrated,” in Postwar Japan (CSIS 2017).