Professor Shirley Scott

About Professor Shirley Scott

Professor Shirley Scott is a Professor of International Relations in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, UNSW Australia. Shirley’s research and teaching focuses on international law as a dimension of global governance, demonstrating the complex interplay between power politics and international law. Shirley has published on a range of subjects including the use of force, climate change, Antarctica, international law and Australian foreign policy, and the nature of United States’ engagement with international law. Shirley is the Research Chair of the Australian Institute of International Affairs and a member of the Advisory Council of the Asian Society of International Law. She is currently undertaking a project on the scope for the UN Security Council to contribute to the governance of climate change adaptation. Professor Scott is the author of a leading textbook in the field, International Law in World Politics: an Introduction and its companion, International Law and Politics: Key Documents as well as The Political Interpretation of Multilateral Treaties, International Law, US Power. The United States’ Quest for Legal Security and, edited joint with Professor Rosemary Rayfuse, International Law in the Era of Climate Change. She is the book review editor and a member of the editorial board of the Asian Journal of International Law. She is also on the editorial board of The Australian Journal of International Affairs and the Journal of International Law and International Relations.