Professor Midori Okabe

About Professor Midori Okabe

Midori Okabe is Professor of International Relations in the Department of International Legal Studies, Faculty of Law, Sophia University, Tokyo, JAPAN. Currently, she is also a member of the Global Future Council, the World Economic Forum (2019-2020), a committee member on the Consultation on Immigration Policy, the Ministry of Justice (2016-present), and a member of the Council on Comprehensive Measures for Open Immigration Policy and the Coexistence with Foreign Workers, Ministry of Justice (2018-present). Previously she was a Visiting Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University, USA (2015), a Senior Common Room Fellow at the St. Antony’s College as well as a Visiting Scholar at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford, UK (2014), a Visiting Scholar (also as Ushiba fellow) at the Centre of International Studies, University of Cambridge, UK (2006), and the Academic Programme Associate, Peace and Governance Programme at the United Nations University (2004-2006). She has received her Ph. D. and MA in International Relations at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, University of Tokyo, as well as her BA in Sociology at the University of Tokyo. Her work focuses on the global governance of international migration, mainly in relevance with European integration. Her current research interest rests on the international diplomatic relations in particular on migration management.