Ms Sakura Miyamoto

AJYD Projects Officer

About Ms Sakura Miyamoto

Sakura is a systems engineer at wpd, working in the offshore wind industry to promote decarbonisation of the electricity generation. Working in the renewable energy sector and part of the mymizu team, she strives to make Japan more environmentally aware and sustainable.

As one of the few girls in UTokyo in STEM, Sakura has also represented millions of young Japanese girls in advocating for female empowerment for economic development, including being the 2020 Japanese delegate in G(irls)20. Since then, she has held workshops for corporate companies to better their Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

She is currently working with Waffle, to increase and advocate for girls in IT and is spearheading her own women's university hackathon in Tokyo with Google, with a focus on normalizing programming education to women. The aim is to provide a platform for university students that bridges the gap between computer science and other majors to facilitate problem-solving in a multi-disciplinary environment.

Having lived in Germany, Japan and the UK, Sakura is a trilingual who enjoys learning about different cultures and is eager to help grow the bond between Australia and Japan.