Takashi Hara

Creative Director, Actor, Teacher

About Takashi Hara

Takashi Hara is a Japanese-born filmmaker, actor, teacher currently based in Sydney. He is one of the creative producers at Phoenix Eye Pty Ltd, a film & art production company for representing culturally diverse people. Takashi is also a founder of Acting For Mindfulness (AFM). AFM is a pathway for individuals and groups to access creative acting practices and performance. He has produced Cancer Institute NSW commissioned award-winning web series Breathless (2019), short film projects such as My Mother The Action Star (2020), Operation Kung Flu (2021) and Obsidian (2021). Currently incompletion of action feature film Echo 8 (2021). Takashi's 5 years of training at Himawari Theatre Institute in Tokyo has led him to work in theatre such as Nissei Theatre, New National Theatre Tokyo (NNTT) in Japan. Currently, He is commissioned by the National Theatre of Parramatta (NTOP) to deliver the creative development project "HARU & Haru" and PYT Fairfield's "Action Star". In recognition of his work, Takashi was awarded a grant from Theatre Network Australia (TNA). As a workshop facilitator, Takashi has worked for clients such as NSW Health Refugee, Fairfield City Council and The Parks Community Network. Weekly, Takashi hosts a segment on SBS Japanese radio. Takashi holds a Bachelor of Agriculture (Agrobiological Resources) degree from Meijo University.