Yuki Saito

About Yuki Saito

Yuki is a Japanese-born, Australian-raised business consultant. He is passionate about bringing Japan and the rest of the world closer than it was yesterday. Yuki offers consulting services to companies looking to expand into foreign markets (i.e. Japanese companies expanding into global markets and vice versa), primarily through building a strong business plan and providing execution assistance.

Yuki has spent more than ten years in Sales and Marketing (DIAGEO & SUNTORY), working on iconic global and local brands (Guinness, Smirnoff, Maker’s Mark and Bundaberg Rum). He was the winner of the Google Global Creative Academy 2013 and an alumnus of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Global Entrepreneurship Development Program (2018). Yuki has worked in the role of International Business Advisor for two Japanese government bodies and he is the Co-Founder of two start-ups.

Yuki and his wife moved back to Japan 18 months ago with their greyhound, to throw themselves into Japanese culture and build their business. Yuki’s passion lies in bringing Australia and Japan closer together and he is, above all things, an AFL enthusiast.