Kei Sakurai

AJYD Translator and Content Support

About Kei Sakurai

Kei is a student majoring Environmental Sciences at the University of Tokyo. While striving to find environmentally and economically optimal solutions for household electronics, she also loves to connect with her surroundings via exploring around Tokyo and her hometown in Kanagawa Prefecture.

Kei has advocated for sustainability by being part of the 2020 Yale University Climate Forum, where she and other young advocates established an educational platform called GreenGloria. Kei has also studied abroad for a short term during her bachelor years in Thailand and Indonesia, where she focused on inclusivity and diversity within Southeast Asia. She specifically looked into the transsexual community in Bangkok, as well as the nature of ASEAN community as inspired by a visit to the ASEAN headquarter in Jakarta.

Growing up in Japan, the USA and Thailand, she is native in Japanese and English, and is currently working on her Thai.

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