Naoya Tashiro

Bioprocess Technical Consultant

About Naoya Tashiro

Naoya is Japanese born but grew up in Australia since the age of 2. He has completed a Masters of Engineering (Biomedical), Bachelor of Science and Diploma of Languages (Japanese) from the University of Melbourne, Australia. Naoya moved back to Japan at the start of 2020 as the pandemic was hitting to pursue a career in life sciences and healthcare in Tokyo, Japan.

Naoya is currently involved in the development and manufacturing of therapeutics and vaccines in Japan. He is passionate about promoting and improving accessible healthcare not only in Japan but globally. Naoya hopes to have a future voice that resonates in developing better future health policies and a sustainable healthcare system.

Naoya looks forward to sharing his own experiences, meeting new faces and learning about the key challenges, policies and vital industries that are critical in fostering the Australia–Japan partnership.

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