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22 6月 - 22 6月 2024



たくさんのご応募をいただきどうもありがとうございました。 AJYDはメインの対話イベントの他にも幅広い対象者向けに様々なイベントや学びの機会を年間を通じて提供する予定です。ぜひAJYDのFacebook, Twitter, Linkedinをフォロー、ニュースレターご購読頂き、最新情報をご確認ください。

The diverse range of like-minded people I met during the AJYD program have formed an important part of my professional network - even years later we keep in touch and I am benefiting from relevant business introductions and friendships I otherwise would not have.

Joshua Flannery
Joshua Flannery

The AJYD is a unique, interesting, and future-oriented opportunity for two countries and beyond! The dialogue made me realize various common issues between the two countries and enhanced my thought from the comparative perspective. Also, I was inspired a lot by amazing experts, delegates, and staff at the AJYD.

Mana Takahashi
Mana Takahashi
2017 Alumni

Great opportunity to connect with those who share a common vision for the two nations. You build important relationships that last into the future.

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