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What is the purpose and value of the dialogue?

The AJYD seeks to strengthen the Australia-Japan relationship by providing a platform for younger and more diverse voices to be heard and for deeper engagement between future leaders in the relationship from various professional backgrounds. The discussions and outcomes of the dialogue are captured in the dialogue reports that are publicly available and highly regarded by key organisations in the bilateral relationship including our many major partners and sponsors. Delegates will therefore have the opportunity to shape that influential message through their contributions to session discussions and dialogue projects.

Delegates will also gain access to the ideas and contributions of like-minded, enthusiastic representatives from both Japan and Australia and be a part of the invaluable network that the AJYD enables. The AJYD seeks to be as inclusive as possible and also endeavours to provide access to various events, opportunities, and expert perspectives with a wider public audience where feasible.

What do you mean by a hybrid event?

In the light of the current global pandemic, we have transformed our traditional dialogue into a COVID safe event. As such, we will be hosting a series of online and in person events. The in-person events will be held in two hub cities, one in Australia and one in Japan. Delegates will engage in person with their locally based counterparts and virtually with delegates based at the other hub.

What will the program look like for 2021?

Our traditional four day intensive program will this year be spread across four weeks with the key dates listed on our Apply page. The overall program format will be:

- Opening event held online

- Weekend intensive event where delegates will convene at two designated hub cities

- Two further online events in the subsequent weeks

Who will be the speakers and what topics will be discussed?

The program schedule is still being finalised and will incorporate input from candidate application forms. Announcements regarding session topics and speakers will be made via our social media channels so keep an eye out for all updates. Please refer to the reports of our previous dialogues to see the type of topics that are typically featured in our dialogue sessions and the status and variety of speakers that take part.

What COVID safe practices will be employed?

All dialogue events will be held in strict compliance with all relevant government regulations to ensure the safety of participants, team members and the public. The program will remain flexible to respond to changes in local pandemic conditions as they develop with the safety and wellbeing of delegates remaining our top priority.

If you have any health and safety concerns or questions, please contact us via email at

What’s involved in the application process?

Please refer to the Apply page for a complete summary of the application process. If you have any specific queries or concerns regarding the process please contact us via email at

Please note for candidates who are unsuccessful , there are many opportunities to get involved with AJYD activities so please join our mailing list and connect to our social media channels for more information.

What are you looking for in a delegate?

You can view our selection criteria on the Apply page. Beyond the criteria, the AJYD is committed to the objective of bringing together a diverse and dynamic cohort of young leaders passionate about the future of the Australia-Japan relationship.

Do I need to be an Australian or Japanese citizen to apply?

No, applications are open to everyone. The selection criteria on the Apply page include being able to demonstrate a genuine and well-established commitment to the Australia–Japan relationship. So applicants who are not citizens of either country are encouraged to address this very clearly in their application including attributes that help demonstrate commitment in the longer term, such as Permanent Residence status etc.

What expenses will delegates have to participate?

The AJYD Limited covers all major costs related to participation in the dialogue, including necessary travel, accommodation and meals during in-person events. Please refer to the Apply page for details of what’s covered.

Please note that in order to comply with all relevant COVID-19 safety regulations, the dialogue may require COVID-19 testing or other health related expenses. All significant costs related to COVID safety will be covered by the AJYD Limited. Candidates will be notified as soon as is practical of any new requirements and the way that costs will be covered.

What language will be used? What if I'm not sure I have the right level of language ability?

Dialogue events are conducted primarily in English and as per the selection criteria on the Apply page, candidates will require professional level English skills to participate. If you would like clarification regarding the level of English required, please contact us (in Japanese or English) via email at

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